23rd March 2017

We were thrilled to welcome a group of musicians from the Academy of Ancient Music to Wheatfields on Thursday, 23rd March.

AAM is internationally famous for its vibrant, exciting playing of baroque and classical music, by returning to the style and spirit in which this music was first performed.  The children were particularly impressed to know that some of the instruments the musicians played were made while Mozart was still alive and one violin was even made before he was born in the 1600s!!

We enjoyed learning about the life of Mozart and how he was a joker as well as a musical genius.  As well as instruments from a string quartet (2 violins, viola and 'cello), we also met a horn player who showed us that horns are basically just long tubes with a funnel on the end!!

The horn player played an original instrument which didn't have valves but the player can use their hand inside the bell and change their lip pressure to alter the pitch.  We enjoyed joining in with rhythms and melodies and some children even had a chance to conduct the group dressed up as Mozart and his sister, Nannerl! 

The group were impressed with how well our children sang and picked up rhythms - perhaps we will see some of our Wheatfields children on the stage sometime!

If any children are interested in learning the violin, Mrs Brien would be pleased to hear from you. Please enquire at school reception.