19th April 2017

Priory Park, St. Neots

On a wonderful Spring evening, four teams of boys and girls departed Wheatfields Primary School to take part in the County Cross Country Competition in St. Neots. The boys and girls entered the cross country arena to find a venue packed with teams from across the County. Un-daunted, the teams were quickly registered and debriefed about the rules of the competition.

First up were both girls’ teams and neither team disappointed!  The Red Team, consisting of Maya E, Libby W, Jessika W and Kiera D, finished in a fantastic 45th position and the Blue Team, consisting of Sophie E, Georgia M, Neave Q and Isobelle M finished in a very respectful 71st place!

Then came the boys’ teams. Like the girls they set up in their respective starting positions and represented the school with the passion and pride that all the teachers expected. The Blue/Navy Team, consisting of Tommy M, Will D, Sam M and Ollie W, finished the race in a competitive 37th position and the Navy Team, consisting of Ethan S, Frankie R, Sam H and Alfie P finished in a great final place of 65th!

These final places were fantastic as there were over 100 teams participating in the event. Mr Mills and the other teachers who attended the competition were extremely proud of the performances, attitudes and determination of all the teams who represented the school!  WELL DONE TO EVERYONE!