Class Emails Protocol



The school always welcomes contact with parents/carers because this fosters mutual understanding and support which has a positive effect on children’s performance and their attitudes to learning.

Class Emails from September 2022 onwards

Staff have appreciated the sensitive and respectful way in which parents and carers have used the class email addresses that were set up to improve communication during the lockdown and when school re-opened with many restrictions still in place.  We would like to keep Class Emails in place. This means that you will be able to use the email addresses to contact your class teacher if necessary.

What are the Class Emails for?

Parents and Carers can use the emails to get in touch regarding non-urgent matters to do with their child’s education; perhaps to share some work the child did at home, or ask a question about Home Learning. Teachers will endeavour to look at these emails a minimum of once per week and send a response – should one be required – within 10 days.

What if my message is more urgent?

For those messages that need to be communicated in the same day or require an urgent response, please continue to use the KS1 Home School Books or call/email the School office where messages are checked daily and directed to the most appropriate member of staff.

As with all our arrangements during the Coronavirus pandemic, we will continue to keep this arrangement under review and keep you informed of any changes that may need to be put into effect.

Thank you for your continued support.