Year Group Information

Children learn best when they are happy, well motivated and actively involved in understanding the world around them. The quality of personal relationships and the caring atmosphere, which we try to create in school and on the playground, have important influences on our children’s achievements. Our aim is to ensure all children feel valued and that they develop a positive image of themselves. We believe every child has an equal opportunity to succeed and achieve their true potential. We have high expectations of every child in terms of learning, attitudes and behaviour. We aim to deliver a balanced curriculum, which not only provides essential knowledge and skills, but also promotes important spiritual, moral, social and cultural beliefs. Our goal is to prepare all pupils to be well-balanced citizens who live in an ever changing and demanding world.

Each curriculum area has a scheme of work, which outlines the precise content to be taught throughout each year in the school. Members of staff take responsibility for organising and overseeing the work of each subject area.

Year Group Curriculum Information

Each term, the school sends out to parents an outline of the work to be undertaken.  We also run curriculum meetings for parents at the beginning of each academic year.

Please see below our curriculum information as we send out to parents.