On the morning of the 30th of June, the children in Class One & Two took part in their first Wheatfields Sports Day. We greatly missed having our families cheering us on, but the children did a great job of cheering for one another, and they all had the hugest smiles on their faces throughout.  It was great fun!
The children took part in a running race, skipping race, target aim using the bean bags and of course our traditional egg and spoon race.
We took part in a carousel around each of the different activities, taking turns to compete. They were awarded first, second, third and fourth place for each activity, winning points for their houses. We took down points to share with Mrs Vickers who will calculate the winning team once every year group has completed their sports day.
We were very impressed by the children’s confidence to give each race a go and for being resilient when they didn’t win! Each member of the team celebrated their friends' successes in the races and took great pride in taking part and having fun. After we had finished, we ran the track as a victory lap!
What superstars! And what a fabulous first sports day!
We know we have already shared videos with our EYFS parents via Tapestry, but we thought you may like to see a few photos.....