10th February 2020
Our School Council meets up every month and our aim is to teach children about democracy whilst promoting British values and allowing them to have a voice and share ideas that they have to make our school an even better place.  Last academic year the School Council set up a system for the rest of the school to make suggestions and voted on longer term projects that we'd like to support.
One of the focuses for this academic year is to fundraise for Cancer Research.  Cancer is unfortunately something that has affected and is still affecting families in our local community and the School Council members wanted to do something to help!
On Tuesday 4 February it was World Cancer Day (WCD) and is a day that "unites people, communities and entire countries to raise awareness and take action".  The theme of the campaign is "I am and I will" with the message that, "our actions - big or small - WILL make a lasting, positive change, because progress is possible and we need to commit to creating a cancer free world".
On 4 February we are asked you to bring in loose change - any amount - but as much as you could give.  We created a large "World Cancer Day" emblem to fill with our coins.
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED - LOOK AT THE RESULTS!  Year 6 children took time to help our younger children to fill in the emblem......