12th October 2018
On Thursday 4 October 2018 Year 3 visited Flag Fen in Peterborough, which is a reconstructed village from the Bronze Age.  We went to discover what life was like for our prehistoric ancestors.
We had a fantastic day and highlights included being experimental archaeologists when we got our hands dirty (literally!) by making clay pots, listening to an amazing story in a roundhouse and examining lots of artifacts which we then put on a timeline.
The following quotes came from some of the children after our great day out:
"When you go to Flag Fen in Year 3, you get to make pots and they are really soft" - Tahla
"We saw loads of amazing things and made Iron Age cups" - Oliver
"We saw lots of spectacular things at Flag Fen like a reindeer that was made of willow" - Jakob
"As you're exploring the biggest scenery you've seen in your life it will blow your mind!" Farzan
We were very proud of how well behaved and engaged our children were throughout the day and are looking forward to using this experience and new knowledge in our topic and written work.
We would like to thank the helpers who came along to help us on our day out travelling back through time!