Foundation Stage - Starting School


We appreciate that some children may be apprehensive about starting school. To help with this we liaise closely with our pre-school providers and organise a series of visits to school in the summer term so that the children can meet their class teacher and classroom teaching assistant.

To ensure a gentle introduction to school we operate a staggered entry system. The children will join their class in small groups and be given plenty of time to settle.

We must ensure that the individual needs of each child are met and therefore have to be flexible. If this is not appropriate for any child, we look at:

  • Emotional maturity – the readiness to operate independently of the home for a substantial part of the school day.
  • Social maturity – the readiness to form relationships with other children.
  • Specific individual circumstances that directly affect the child.

Full discussion takes place with the parents if it is felt appropriate for a child’s entry to school to be more gradually phased.

For more information on what to expect from Foundation Stage for your child, why not read "A Day in Reception at Wheatfields Primary School" (see bottom of page) or click on the link below for "What to expect, when?  A parents' guide"

What to expect, when? A parents' guide

Preparation for school

Please help your child to become independent.

Can your child.......

  • Get dressed and undressed for PE
  • Put on and take off their coat
  • Blow their nose
  • Use a knife and fork
  • Tidy away their toys
  • Share and take turns
  • Go to the toilet independently

Foundation Stage Profile

Foundation Stage Profile is a statutory requirement at the Foundation Stage of learning (i.e. the Reception year). Throughout the year the children will be assessed regularly and detailed records kept about their progress. As parents you may be asked to contribute to this profile at parent consultations.

The completed profile will make up your end of year report, and will help the Year 1 teachers to plan the programme of work to suit the needs of your child. They will also provide valuable information which the school can use to measure the effectiveness of its teaching as the children move through the school.


During the first year of school and thereafter, your child will be taught Phonics, using the Letter and Sounds programme.

To find out more about the teaching of phonics, and how to articulate the various phonemes taught, you can visit the Letters and Sounds website, and also find Letters and Sounds on youtube.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.