All children are expected to do homework.  The amount given increases as the child progresses through the school and is designed to match the capabilities of the individual.  Broadly speaking, we would expect homework tasks in Key Stage 1 to take, on average, a total of about 1 hour a week. At Key Stage 2 the demands will gradually increase so that by Years 5 and 6 children are spending about 30 minutes a day (two and a half hours a week) on homework.

Homework is very important.  We ask parents to support us in seeing that homework tasks are carried out conscientiously and in the best possible conditions.  The homework set may be to complete or consolidate class work, to provide opportunities for the children to lead their own lines of investigating, reading, revising or preparation for a following lesson.

There are many ways in which you can help your child:

  • through encouragement and support
  • by talking through what task has been set
  • by listening to your child read and talking about the story you have shared
  • by asking your child to explain what they have been learning at school