23rd July 2021
Hannah was chosen because throughout the year, she has shown great commitment to all her learning and she does so with a smile on her face. Her love of learning is always evident. She is a great friend and always kind. She loves a challenge and extends her learning at home.
Mrs Gray Thomas and Mrs Burnett had such a DIFFICULT job trying to decide on just one person to receive the year 2 award for class 5. We both could give so many reasons for everyone in the class to receive it. But, in the end, it was a unanimous decision and Cebastian received the award. As well as trying hard in his class lessons, even when the going gets tough, he is so helpful around the classroom helping adults and children alike, often before we’ve seen the job needs doing! We all make poor choices at times, yes even adults, but it’s how you make amends that’s important. Ceb is always honest and tries hard to put things right. His manners are exemplary and we are certainly going to miss Ceb’s cheery morning greeting. Well done Ceb.