28th March 2017

During the Spring Term, Year 4 have been learning all about what life was like for Viking people. This culminated in Viking Day on the 28th March which was led by "History off the Page".

During the course of the day, the children had the opportunity to experience a variety of traditional activities such as candle-dipping, rune making, pottery, weaving and jewellery making, as well as making their own Viking remedies to cure various ailments. When we were finished, the hall was filled with the pungent aroma of these ingredients!

In the afternoon, each class had the opportunity to go outside and practice the art of Viking battle skills. The swordsmen overlapped their shields to create an undefeatable wall so that the archers were able to skilfully fire their arrows over the top!

We then took on the role of archaeologists and uncovered various Viking artefacts, using a catalogue to identify and classify them. Following this, we all gathered to watch a very exciting demonstration of how to use molten pewter to cast an amulet.

Overall, we had a fantastic day and a big thanks to PAWS for funding the event. Thanks to all of the parents who came in to help and make the day such a big success.