25th November 2016
On 11 November Year 5 had an outstanding day when we experienced life as WW2 evacuees.  We came to school dressed like WW2 children and pretended that our mums were sending us away to the countryside, because of the bombing.
The day started when the air raid siren sounded and we had to quickly grab out gas masks and dive under the tables!  After the all clear, we were taken by our teachers to the train station and boarded the train for Devon.  When we arrived we discovered that there were not enough homes for all of us, so we needed to persuade some of the villagers to take in some more evacuees.  We did a good job because we managed to persuade them!
After break, we learnt a WW2 dance and the boys had to dance with the girls and some people even had to dance with the teachers!
Next, we had WW2 food for lunch.  It was yummy!  Finally, we heard Winston Churchill announce that the war was over and we had a Victory Party to celebrate.  We sang some WW2 songs and we had some WW2 ration party food.
By Lillie and Isaac