Monday 29th June 2020


MONDAY 6TH JULY 2020, 08:30 TO 17:00 

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We felt that despite the current situation, a school year is not complete without a ‘Sports Day’! So, I invite you to take part on Monday 6th July for Wheatfields first ever Virtual Sports Day!

Along with this letter, you will receive a document detailing the events and how the scoring will work. On the lead up to Monday, you can practice these skills as part of, or separate to, your daily activities. As it is a sports day you and your family have the opportunity to participate at any point though the day. Children who are already in school will participate with their teachers.

After you have completed the events, email your class teacher with the following:

  • Child's name
  • The house they are in
  • The activities and how many / how quickly
  • We would love to see pictures of you in your house colours and share them on the website, please let us know if you are happy for us to use the pictures on the website.

The deadline for emails to your class teachers is 3.30pm Tuesday 7th July.


Dear Mrs Vickers,

Name: Bob

House: Sapphires

Today I completed 15 sits, 10 claps, 1 minute plank and I took 5 minutes hanging my clothes!

Results will be shared via email on the last day of term Friday 17th July.

Of course physical activity isn’t everyone’s favourite, therefore there is an opportunity to put your creative caps on and design your very own sports day trophy. A template for the trophy is include with the documents. You have until Tuesday 7th July 3:30pm to submit the activity. You will earn 5 points for your team and the best one from each key stage will be featured on the school website!

Looking forward to a day/ evening of fun activities next week,

Stay safe and keep active!

Hazel Vickers - PE Leader