10th February 2017
Year 1 had a very exciting start to their week, when Liz from the Raptor Foundation brought some of her feathered friends to visit us.  We met a Harris Hawk, an Eagle Owl, a Tawny Owl and a Barn Owl.  They were all sitting on perches that Liz had brought with her and were attached by a lead in case they flew off and got stuck in the Keystage One Hall!
First, the children were able to look at the birds and stroke nearly all of them.  Liz showed us how thick their feathers are and how far around their heads can turn (270 degrees!!).  Mrs Beardall was allowed to carefully stroke Topaz the Tawny Owl's talons and found that they were very smooth but one was very, very sharp - just like a knife!  This helps with hunting.  We listened carefully to hear the owl's wings beating, but discovered they hardly make any noise at all so they can sneak up on prey.
The most exciting part was being allowed to fly one of the owls.  We had to wear a special glove made of three layers of leather so we didn't get hurt by the talons; and we had to hold our arms up high like a tree, so the owl didn't fall.  Everyone who wanted to, had a turn but by then, the owls were ready for a rest!
Thank you for the contributions which allowed us to organise this visit.  We all had a wonderful time!