27th May 2022

Viking Day was really fun. It was a blast! We travelled back in time 1000 years to 878AD and became Vikings for the day. We made lots of different things including clay pots, amulets, candles, ink and loads more.

I came to school as a Viking maid. We stayed in the classroom a bit to take photos and then went into the hall. It was very different because it had lots of stands and a fireplace. We gathered around the fire to have a tribe meeting with our leader, Lord Jorund.

First, I went to the ink making and wrote my name in viking runes. Next, I had to be a patient and I needed to pretend that I had a sore chest. I got some medicine to sniff so I could be healed. Then I went to the clay moulding, hoping to be the lucky person who got a pewter necklace. I made a dotted pattern on my clay then put it in my bag. After that, I went to warrior training and I was on the blue team. We had to practise our charging and shield walls to protect our village against attackers. I went inside to finish some tasks. Weaving was next so I went to that stand and made a yellow and blue one.

In the afternoon, we became archaeologists and did some digging for different artefacts. We were split up into groups and I was in group 6. I dug up a bowl shard that was made of clay. Next, we watched Jonathan melt metal to make a Viking amulet.

Viking Day was great fun as I really enjoyed learning about the Vikings.

 By Elise