We thought it would be lovely to hear what the children in Year 4 said about their Sports Day - so it's over to Ava and Carys:
"This year Sports Day was a lot of fun!  We did lots of events including competitive races, egg and spoon race, vortex throw, tossing beanbags into tyres, standing long jumps and finally penalty kicks.
In the competitive races we did relay, 400 metres and sprint.  Each house put forward one boy and one girl to compete in the egg and spoon race.
In the vortex throw you could score up to 3 points for your team.  If the vortex landed past the blue cone you would get 2 points and 3 points if you got it past the red one.
In the beanbag toss you could score up to 10 points.  If you threw the beanbag in the first tyre you scored 5 points.  Whereas if it landed in the second tyre you would've scored 10 points.  You had 2 beanbags to throw which meant you had 2 chances to score points.
In the standing long jump you had to swing your arms to build up your momentum which would help you jump further.
In the penalty kicks there were 2 cones to score from.  If you scored from the red cone you would've earnt 10 points, but if you scored from the blue cone, which was closer, you would've scored 5 points.
Overall, Sports Day was very enjoyable even though it was very tiring!