English is the essence of the curriculum and is inherent in all subject areas.

It consists of

- Speaking and Listening

 - Reading  
 - Spelling

 - Writing | Composing

 - Handwriting

From Y1 all children spend at least an hour per day working through the National Literacy Framework. The Reception children join the project as appropriate and build towards the one hour per day during the year.

Speaking and Listening                                        

Children will be helped by their teachers to develop their speaking and listening skills. They will be given opportunities for group discussions with other children for a variety of purposes. As children move into KS2 they are all given the opportunity to use their developing skills to participate in the KS2 public speaking competition.

Reading and Phonics

At Wheatfields we love reading. Look at all the fantastic reading activities we do!

Guided Reading

We have daily Guided Reading sessions in all classes and our teachers record our progress as we read. We also have reading logs where we, our teachers and our parents can write comments to each other about how well we are doing. If we read 3 times a week then we can earn rewards (stamps, stickers and certificates). In KS1 we enjoy borrowing books from our book train to read at home. In KS2 we have a selection of books to choose from in our classrooms.

We have lots of books to choose from within our Guided Reading schemes. At Wheatfields we have Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cats, Project X, Storyworlds Rigby Navigator and lots more! We also have a selection of ‘real’ books.

Our books are all book banded for easy reference which match our reading target cards.

Reading Buddies

We have ‘Reading Buddies’ at Wheatfields. Reception to Year 6 children buddy up with each other. The older children help the younger children develop their fluency and understanding and the younger children love listening to stories being read to them. This helps to develop everyone’s reading confidence and enjoyment!


If you would like access to some fantastic eBooks, why not visit www.oxfordowl.co.uk (external link). There are over 260 free books for parents to read with their child at home with lots of ideas on how to support your child with reading.


At Wheatfields we use ‘letters and sounds’ to teach Phonics. We have a 20 minute daily phonics session where we learn about how to read and write using our phonic knowledge. We play lots of different phonic games which help us understand how sounds make words and we use words to make sentences. We use the Interactive Whiteboard to play games and learn new phonemes and graphemes.

Why not visit www.phonicsplay.co.uk to play some games and see for yourself!


We do all that we can to encourage our children's natural enthusiasm for writing. We provide a variety of resources to support writing in the early stages. As they grow in confidence and competence our children are encouraged to express themselves in different forms of writing. Their writing extends across the curriculum into History, Geography, Science, Mathematics, Religious Education and Technology. As we encourage our children to become writers we aim to guide them to improve the quality of their work in terms of spelling, grammar, punctuation and handwriting. We encourage our children to share their work with others, adults and children, valuing all forms of the written word.