Wheatfields Primary School

Equality and Diversity

The community that is Wheatfields Primary School has pupils whose backgrounds reflect the cultural, ethnic and religious diversity both of the local community and of the UK. With over 25 languages being spoken at the school, we celebrate this diversity and our school life is enriched by the many languages and cultures represented here.  We also work closely with parents, the local community and colleagues from the Local Authority to ensure that all children from underachieving groups reach their full potential.  Where children are new or relatively new to English, or English is not the language spoken at home, we aim to ensure that learning is accessible in all contexts.  An example of some of the strategies that are used by our teaching staff include: visual aids; translations of key words; clear and concise instructions; bilingual story books and dictionaries; talking tins, and planning lessons with plenty of opportunities to listen and talk in the English language. We recognise the importance of the first language and have representatives of many parts of the local community on our school staff and volunteers.  We encourage our parents to continue talking to their child in their first language at home, as research shows how beneficial this is in helping them to learn additional languages and succeed academically.   We are aware of the different religious observances of our school community.  We enjoy celebrating many special days throughout the year.  As far as dietary requirements are concerned, we ensure that these are met.  There is always a vegetarian option on the school lunch menu.  

Parent packs are available from the School Office in various translations and provide information about:  

  • Key phrases for communicating with the school
  • Key things about English schools
  • The importance of bilingualism
  • How to support your child's learning
  • Pupil Premium.

Furthermore, we have a wide variety of school letters - translated in over 20 languages - to support the communication between the school and parents. 

Please ask your child's class teacher or the School Office if you would like a letter translated. 

Please see our Equality Policy available below and from our POLICY tab.