Wheatfields Primary School

PSHE including RSE

At Wheatfields, we follow the Cambridgeshire scheme of work for all aspects of PSHE - Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education, (including RSE - Relationships and Sex Education).  We follow a two-year rolling programme which means the whole school delivers the same themes at the same time where possible, and covers the entire programme over the course of two years. This programme ensures progression of key skills and allows children to build on their prior knowledge each year.

We use a range of resources and strategies to make our PSHE lessons both informative and engaging. This includes fiction/non-fiction books, other sources of information such as educational videos, circle time activities and role-play.

Please see our long term plan below:

In school we aim to help children to learn to respect themselves and others and move safely and confidently from childhood, through adolescence, into adulthood. We deliver much of this work through Relationships and Health Education, which are statutory parts of the broader subject, PSHE. As part of our programme we provide Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). This programme begins as soon as children arrive in school and continues until the end of secondary school. There is more information about the areas your child will be covering in RSE below: 
We hope this gives you some more information about our partnership in developing children’s knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to RSE. Please see our Relationships Education Policy below (this covers RSE):

We are very aware that the RSE we deliver in school is only a small part of children’s learning about their bodies, keeping safe, emotions, relationships and themselves. The majority of children’s learning in this area takes place with you at home.

We encourage you to discuss these areas with your child before, during or after our topic, as children say that they greatly value being able to talk with their parents/carers about these issues.

These are some useful sources of support:

Please see below the government guidance for Primary parents on RSE: