Wheatfields Primary School


Personal Safety and Road Safety

We operate an ongoing programme to develop pupils’ awareness of safety around both parked and moving cars.  We ask for your help in supporting this very important aspect of the school's work. Please note that cars are not allowed to park in the car park in the morning, or at home time. Parents arriving by car are requested to ensure that access to the school car park is kept clear at all times for emergency vehicles. Please also ensure that cars do not block the driveways of our neighbours in Nene Way and in Wheatfields.

If it is necessary for you to bring your car into the car park, please be aware that the gates are locked during the day and access is requested via the intercom system.  Thank you.


Dogs are not allowed onto the school site, with the exception of guide-dogs. We would also request that dogs are not tied to the school fence....

Riding Bicycles to School

During the Summer Term, all Year 6 pupils are given the opportunity to participate in a Safe Cycling Course to achieve their cycling proficiency award. As a general rule, only pupils in Year 6 who have successfully completed the course are allowed to ride bicycles to school without supervision.  In exceptional circumstances, children from other year groups can cycle to school but this requires permission from the Headteacher – a form is available from the school office. We ask children to refrain from riding bikes or scooters across the playground.


Parents and visitors to the school should report to the school office.  Visitors to the school are required to wear visitors’ badges and will be requested to sign in and out of the building. All external doors have locks to ensure Wheatfields Primary School is a safe, secure place to learn.