Arrival and Collection of Children

The current situation regarding COVID-19 has inevitably brought about many changes to the way Kids Club can operate safely including how arrivals and departures of children is handled.  We have a full Risk Management Assessment in place which over-rides any arrangements in the page shown here.  Please check our first Kids Club page in the menu on the left for all current guidelines, or click on the link below to be taken straight to this page.  Many thanks.

For the morning session, and during school holidays, children should be accompanied to the Kids Club building by their parent/carer.

Children from Reception to Year 2 who attend Kids Club for the morning session are escorted to the KS1 playground at 8.40am by Kids Club staff where they will line up with their classes ready to go into class for the morning session. Children from Years 3 to 6 leave the Kids Club building at 8.35am and make their own way to the KS2 playground ready to line up and go into class at 8.40am.

During term time, children from Reception to Year 3 are collected from the school building at 3pm. Children from Years 4 to 6 make their own way to the Kids Club building.

Children should be collected from Kids Club at the end of their session by their parent/carer or named person. If our staff have any concerns about the collection of children they will contact the child’s parent.