Equality and Diversity

The community that is Wheatfields Primary School has pupils whose backgrounds reflect the cultural, ethnic and religious diversity both of the local community and of the UK.  Our school celebrates this diversity and is enriched by the many languages and cultures represented here. We also work closely with parents, the local community and colleagues from the Local Authority to ensure that all children from underachieving groups reach their full potential. 

Where children are new or relatively new to English, or English is not the language spoken at home, we aim to ensure that learning is accessible in all contexts.  The parents and children who are new to English and new to the school can receive home language support. Please speak to our Deputy Headteacher if you would like to know more about our support for children with English as an additional language.        

We recognise the importance of the home language and to this end we have representatives of all parts of the local community on our school staff.

We are aware of the different religious observances of our school community. We enjoy celebrating many special days throughout the year. As far as dietary requirements are concerned we ensure that these are met. There is always a vegetarian option on the school lunch menu.

With a view to communicating better with parents who are new to English, or have English as an additional language, we have done the following:

  • We have produced an illustrated guide to the school day which enables non English speaking parents to understand what their children are doing at our school.
  • We have asked bilingual parents if they will be our EAL Champions and translate for us as necessary.  At present we have Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Punjabi EAL champions.