Our Ethos and Aims

Our Ethos

At Wheatfields Primary School we have high standards and expectations which are set by our experienced, caring and effective staff. We expect pupils to be polite, work hard and take pride in both themselves and in their school’s reputation. We constantly strive for the highest levels of achievement for our children.

Our Aims

  • To give equal value and respect to everyone irrespective of ability, gender, race or religion. 
  • To provide a secure, stimulating and caring environment in which the children feel a real sense of ownership and belonging.
  • To provide high standards with a broad and rich curriculum.
  • To develop the whole child and stimulate successes at all levels.
  • To form effective partnerships with parents, governors and outside agencies.
  • To promote the health and wellbeing of the children and staff.
  • To develop awareness that the school is part of both a local and global community in which everyone has a part to play. 
  • To encourage good manners.

It is our hope that by the time pupils move on to start their secondary education they have begun to develop their capabilities to their full potential, have learnt the self-discipline of work, the skill of self-motivation and have enjoyed their time with us.