Our School Council

In KS2 classes we are elected once a year. In KS1 and Reception new school councillors are elected every term. Everyone gets a chance to vote for their class representative. We feel we are listened to and that we are helping to move our school forward.

We asked every child in our class what they thought we should say about our school and here is what they wanted us to tell you. Here we go….! 

  • ‘Make sure parents and children know we are kind and caring’.
  • ‘There are lots of different clubs after school, like singing, running and art’.
  • ‘All the teachers and Teaching Assistants work hard and are kind and lovely’.
  • ‘We respect people and look after others. There are friendships stops in the playground. We have anti-bullying lessons.
  • ‘We have a smart uniform’.
  • ‘Playtimes are really fun. We have lots of equipment to play with.’
  • ‘We have school rules’.
  • ‘We have Celebration Assemblies, dress down days and sponsored events.
  • ‘School Trips are really exciting (every year group takes part in a day trip)’.
  • ‘We are a Platinum Singing School’.
  • ‘Letters are sent home to parents using Parentmail’.
  • ‘We are a healthy school and our school dinners are great! We have water bottles in class, free fruit (KS1) and a healthy eating Tuck Shop (KS2)’.
  • ‘Our classrooms are big and there’s lots of equipment’.
  • ‘There are different things for each Year group; we have Public Speaking, Film Making, Mini Enterprise, Safer Cycling, Cross Country, Christmas Plays, Festivals, Residential Trips, WW2 Day, Victorian Day, Multi-skills Day, Safety Zone Day’.
  • ‘We enjoy ourselves while we learn!’